EPBCOMMS provides high-level professional strategic communications, innovative sales and business development for global enterprises, entrepreneurs in residence guidance and hands-on services for promising startups, powerful professional speaking, and world-class event production.

Strategic Communications

EPBCOMMS designs compelling messaging across internal/external 

corporate communications that 

drive company business objectives.  

Sales & Business Development

EPBCOMMS builds corporate ecosystems           by organizing and coaching sales and business development. Through the proper identification of marketplace opportunities, prospects and strategic partners, EPBCOMMS takes sales and business success to the next level.    

Entrepreneurs In Residence (EIR)

EPBCOMMS provides hands-on guidance 

and direction for start-up and early stage companies to successfully launch and grow their businesses.

Public Speaking & Humor

EPBCOMMS delivers keynote presentations, hosting, moderating and a variety of professional public speaking using multi-media communications and topical humor.  

Event & Media Production

EPBCOMMS generates authentic brand mythology through engaging and elevating special events. We design and deliver events: from world-class entertainment productions for national audiences, to highly focused learning experiences for select groups.