Our mission is connecting the worlds of corporate communications and financial technologies through meticulous guidance and a passion for advancing the business community.

Strategic Communications

EPBCOMMS designs compelling messaging across internal/external 

corporate communications that 

drive company business objectives.  

Sales & Business Development

EPBCOMMS builds corporate ecosystems           by organizing and focusing sales and business development through the proper identification of marketplace opportunities, prospects and strategic partners.    

Event & Media Productions

EPBCOMMS generates authentic brand mythology through engaging and elevating special events. We design and deliver events: from world-class entertainment productions for national audiences, to highly focused learning experiences for select groups.  

Public Speaking & Humor

EPBCOMMS delivers keynote presentations, hosting, moderating and a variety of professional public speaking using multi-media communications and topical humor.  

Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR)

EPBCOMMS provides hands-on guidance 

and direction for start-up and early stage companies to successfully launch and grow their businesses.