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Ed with Friends in Dublin

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Carol Kelty Moses, New York, NY

Senior Vice President, BNY Mellon Fixed Income, Dreyfus Corporation

There is NO ONE I know in this business, or anywhere frankly, who is more customer focused. The best part, he always, ALWAYS, finds a way to make every single person in the room feel special.”

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Jeff Schwartz, Boston, MA

FMR Managing Director, Co-Founder, Bain Capital Ventures

“Ed is the single best sales leader I have ever met. He is competitive, process oriented, and disciplined, while at the same time human, empathetic, and reliable. Add in tireless and those are a dangerous set of qualities  you definitely want on your team and not playing for the competition.” 


Mark Casady, Boston, MA

General Partner, Vestigo Ventures, FMR CEO & Chairman of LPL & Scudder

“Ed Baldry has transformed his disciplined sales methods and business successes into a career-long passion for helping others. Ed approached it as a need to solve problems for companies.  To solve problems for those companies, CFO’s and treasurers were the human connections that Ed made, time and again.  His clients love him!”

City of London, UK. Skyline view of the famous financial bank district of London at golden sunset hour. View includes skyscrapers, office buildings and beautiful sky.

Jane Moran, London, United Kingdom

CIO, Unilever

“Ed always said to me, “I appreciate you.”  I find that so profound.  We live in a world where most people are so focused on their own success. Ed truly appreciates the people in his life – whether it’s work or personal.  You get the sense that helping others succeed is more important to Ed than his own personal success.”

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Tory Hazard, Los Angeles, CA

CEO, Institutional Cash Distributors (ICD)

“A definitive part of Ed’s hard-earned success derives from his passion for taking care of others.  Without hesitation, Ed would run through walls for his clients and colleagues, who oftentimes became his good friends.  While Ed can always be counted on to deliver, it is his great sense – and relentless use – of humor that continues to put him heads and shoulders above the majority of other great businessmen.” 


Phil Cabrera, Chicago, IL

FMR Vice President & International Treasurer, McDonald’s Corporation

“FEAR is the acronym that comes to mind when I think of my interaction with Ed Baldry: FunEnthusiasticAuthenticRelationshipsOnce you met with the Team the deal was sure to close. Client focus, pragmatic and flexible solutions were the end result.” 


Mike Harrington, Chicago, IL

Retired Vice Chairman, Oak Ridge Investments, LLC and FMR Managing Director of Deutsche Asset Management and Scudder Investments

“Ed Baldry is by far the best salesperson I have ever come across.  Disciplined, business savvy, personable, fearless and indefatigable, he continually exceeds expectations and drives the business forward with results and exemplary leadership. He is the standard to which all other salespeople should aspire to.”  

San FRANCISCO-3688579

Chuck Maguire, San Francisco, CA

Retired Director of Sales Training & Recruiting and FMR Branch General Manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions, Inc.

“During my 45-year tenure as a Sales executive, I hired hundreds of salespeople. Very few were remarkable, but Ed Baldry truly stood out. After I interviewed Ed, a bright, young recent college graduate, I decided to give him a chance. He told me he would give me three years but his ultimate goal was to get into the financial industry. He wanted to learn everything he could about Sales. Ed took off from the start. He had a great work ethic and was very determined to win. And he did win by becoming the number one sales rep in the country, over the entire salesforce of 1,000. He stayed true to his word, almost three years to the day, he resigned and moved on. Ed continued to have huge success in several companies before starting his own very successful company.  Today, I  cherish our 30-year friendship, as there are few individuals that I hired, that I can say that about.”


Peter Crane, Boston, MA

CEO, Founder, Crane Data

“Ed Baldry is a force in the sales world. His intensity, focus and good nature, are welcome in any corporate environment. He epitomizes the mantra that good times mean good business.”


Russell Driver, Chicago, IL

FMR Director of Scudder & Deutsche

“Edʼs passion and zest for life elevates everyone around him. Truly, the best parts of my career and certainly the most laughter and fun, involved
our time together. In my earlier career, I was a salesperson that questioned
and second-guessed everything I did. My time watching and working with
Ed gave me the confidence and belief that I could do anything.”


James Greenway, London, United Kingdom

Senior Sales Executive, Eze Software and FMR Senior Director, ICD

“Ed is a package of energy, charisma, joyous laughter, fun, tenacity, loyalty, passion, generosity, and caring. Ed has an amazing ability to leave an impression – people never forget Ed!! The world I have experienced in my time with Ed, is that there are no boundaries. The world looks so very different for many people because of this man. He has given people opportunities, believed in people when many would not have given them a chance, provided self-belief, as well as time and energy to further careers. The tenacity and confidence he instills in people every day, is truly staggering. He treats everyone with equal respect. In fact, I know he feels like he works for everyone else – be that the client, work associate, colleague or friend – he goes out of his way to make everyone he touches day to day feel special.”


Sean Byrne, Edinburgh, Scotland

Director of Liquidity Sales, Aberdeen

“Ever since the start of my career, it has always been “speak to Ed Baldry”.  I have enjoyed working with Ed and we always managed to get things done – outstanding partnership!”

Sheona Som, San Diego State University

Senior Director of Development, Fowler College of Business and University Initiatives

“Mr. Baldry’s energy, expertise and passion really resonated with the SDSU students and they were inspired by his story!”

boston skyline at dusk

Dave Groom, Boston MA

Founder, Groom Construction, Business associate and friend

“Funny bastard. International businessman and entrepreneurial kingpin.
Entertainer of the year, 19 years running. Trusted friend to many. The
original “Mr. Manners”. (Dining with him, along with female colleagues, is like
watching whack-a-mole…the ladies So much as flinch, lift their glass or fork, and we all must stand). I say he launches a school! – Richard Simmons wannabe.
Good and kind soul all around.”